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Aubrey Trabert

Lead Consultant

(775) 544-9530

My Story

Hello, my name is Aubrey Trabert and I live in Reno, NV with my husband and son.
I discovered Scentsy when Shawna walked into my office and said would you like to try Scentsy? I did and I was immediately hooked. I love smells, in fact I love smell so much that I have wax melts or diffusers running all the time in my home and office. The one thing I really love about Scentsy is that they had so many different scents to choose from and I also liked the fact that I could change out my fragrances whenever I wanted to.
After being a customer for about 6 months I decided to join Scentsy as a consultant. When I first joined my first priority was not to sell the product, but to just use all the products so I could see what products I liked and what products I did not like. I felt and still do to this day that I could only sell this product if I understood what I liked and did not like and why so that I could share that information with my customers.
Once I knew that I was in LOVE with this product I decided it was time to start selling. When I first started I was posting on Facebook and getting a few sales here and there. Last year I decided I needed to change things up a bit so I decided to do vendor events. This has really helped me boost my business. When you do a booth people come to you that want your product or want to learn more about your product. From these events I have built my customer base.
Now that I have a customer base I provide excellent customer service to all my clients. This is how I am growing my business by repeating this process over and over again. Doing events, getting customers and then providing those customers with a great client experience and product.

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